For a number of years we have been supported by Amber Computers with Internet Security and On-line Back-up and have been very satisfied with the service. We recently converted to Windows 10 and were extremely pleased with the help provided. We have now upgraded to the new Unlimited Support Package.
Mr & Mrs Poole – East Grinstead.
We have been very happy with the service provided by Amber Computers for several years and have been guided through various upgrades and new machines – nothing seems to be too much trouble. We have recently joined the support package which has reduced the cost of using other internet security and are very pleased with what is included – the back-up and the remote service system. We can strongly recommend the support package.
Alan & Margaret Jonas – East Grinstead.
I have used Amber Computers for a number of years now as my technical backup and problem solving facility. Initially, we had an ad-hoc agreement, which worked very well and Paul was always available to help out (many times, at very short notice!). As we all know, when the computer goes down (for whatever reason) we want it sorted it out “NOW”! He did just that.

Then he introduced the current scheme which is, “the package”. That has simply enhanced the service to a higher level from my perspective. I have had some major issues, particularly when I was “abandoned” by TalkTalk. He stepped in immediately and got me up and running the same day. I have advised several of my friends to come on board, which they have done so.

“The package” takes away the worry of what to do if things go bang in the night. A call to Paul gets an immediate response. The attention to detail is commendable, and the wide range of services offered by Paul with “the package” (remote work, home calls etc) make for a worry free time.

As far as I am concerned “the package” has meant I can put the potential worry of things going wrong right to the back of the list, knowing Paul is there to pick up the pieces.

Value for money? Absolutely!

Ken Harwood – Felbridge

We have had Paul as our computer adviser for several years and have found his help invaluable, prompt and with patient explanation for us! He has helped us change to a more modern model and transferred all the data, with improved organisation, without any hitch.

We have recommended him to friends, who have been more than satisfied. Now, with his all-embracing package, we feel even more secure. 

Mr & Mrs Awty – East Grinstead

Dear Paul,
I just want to thank you for all the wonderful help you have given me over many years. As you well know I am rather pathetic in my understanding of computers and I don’t think I could have survived without your help, which is my reason for joining your Package.

Again many thanks

Nick Bryce-Smith – Felbridge

We took out the Amber Computers Package after we’d been ‘hacked’ and were at a loss to know what to do next.  We were recommended to get in touch with Paul, who sorted the problem very quickly and efficiently.  It’s very comforting to know that he’s there whenever we need him.

Mr & Mrs Taylor – Felbridge

Dear Paul,
I am a new member of Amber Computers support package. I have a new computer with Windows 10 and am very grateful for your help.

Mrs Hill – East Grinstead.

Delighted to recommend you,
I have used your services for some years now, and have been very satisfied with the service you have provided along with the patience and time you have spent in advising me as a computer novice, having bought a machine from you and signed up for the package you provide. I’m so pleased you found me with one of your leaflets those years ago. May I add, in these modern times it is so difficult to obtain impartial advice to which I’m so grateful.

Clive Wingent – Crawley Down