• Customers must be within 20 miles of our office based in Turners Hill West Sussex.
  • Customers who have purchased our Backup Only &/or Security Only service will continue to receive support for those services.
  • Amber Computers is no-longer able to provide ad-hoc support to Home users.

  • Unlimited support*
    Amber Computers is available from 9am to 5pm, Mondays to Fridays.
    Hard drive monitor*
    Software to monitor the health of your computer hard drive is included.
    Unlimited offsite backup*
    Unlimited offsite backup is included. Please see our Computer backup page for more details.
    Security software*
    Security software is included. Please see our Computer security page for more details.

    Support call order
    Generally priority is given to the customer who has used the least number of hours.
    1st device £12.50/month. Additional devices from £2/month. Onsite travel £1/mile.
    windows Windows 7 or later* os_windows_8
    * Please see our FAQ for important additional information about our service.