Browser protection
Anti phishing, Identity theft prevention, Online privacy protection and automatically blocks malicious websites
Outbound firewall
Our solution uses an Intelligent outbound firewall to prohibit the delivery of questionable outbound data. Files behaving suspiciously are immediately blocked from network access and quarantined.
Potentially Unwanted Applications
The solution will prevent the installation of many PUAs.
Preventing Data Theft
Threat shields secure online personal information and financial transactions. The shields prohibit processes from logging keystrokes & prevent access to phishing sites.
Real Time
Real-time detection and remediation of all forms of malware.
Shields prohibit processes that might try to alter or disable our software.
Strength in numbers
Threat intelligence gathered from computers all around the world is instantly shared with all our customer’s computers.
Shared Fixes
Any fixes required for missed malware are automatically applied to ALL Amber Computers customers.
Unknown Threats
Unknown files are tested first before running on your computer. The files are then monitored to insure they do not morph into Malware.
We can configure the solution to meet your needs. For example we may need to allow a PUA through for you or unblock a particular website.
Fully Automated
The solution is fully automated and always up to date. There is no need for you to do anything. You can however run a manual scan if you wish.
* Please see our FAQ for important additional infomation about our service.